The Alternative Story believes that access to quality mental healthcare is a right and not a privilege. We, therefore, believe that no one who wishes to access mental healthcare should be held back from the same, solely on the basis of their socioeconomic status. In order to make counselling more accessible to those who cannot afford the costs of private mental healthcare, AltStory has pioneered the concept of #PayWhatYouWant

Here are some good-to-know points about how Pay What You Want works
  1. This is not a discount code or offer. AltStory is extending this as an initiative in its capacity to enable those who wish to start therapy and stay compliant with it regularly without finances coming in the way.
  2. Only the three-member, in-house team at AltStory provide thise service at the moment, so this service is subject to prior availability
  3. You may notice at times that the sessions appear ‘ SOLD OUT’. This is done when we don’t have available counselling slots on offer on #PayWhatYouWant basis. This does not mean that you are being asked to start paying a higher price. It means that all the existing #PayWhatYouWant slots for the month have been booked
  4. We are trying to benefit as many people as possible through this initiative so we would appreciate that you book one session at a time, rather than booking multiple sessions at once, unless discussed otherwise in your therapy session with your counsellor. As mentioned earlier, this is not a discount code.
  5. You need not pay the same amount every time. For example, if you pay Rs. 500/- the first time, it is not expected that you automatically pay the same amount the next time
  6. Lastly, the suggested base price is Rs. 199/- you are encouraged to pay whatever you can over and above this rate. Of course, there is no obligation for you to do this and we are happy to provide the session at this cost, but it would help us keep this initiative sustainable if you do.